Get hooked on seafood

Ready to enjoy some fresh seafood but not sure where to start? The Cornish Fish Co. is here to help! Keep reading to find out how to start exploring different seafood options, as well as some of our favourite recipes, including lemon garlic scallops and beer-battered pollock bites.

Find your favourite seafood

It’s a good idea to explore a variety of seafood options to discover what you enjoy most. There are so many different types of fish, molluscs and crustaceans to try, all with completely different flavour profiles. Whether you’re completely new to seafood, or simply looking to branch out, there are plenty of options to explore. We suggest finding fresh, locally-sourced seafood – if you live in a coastal area you’re sure to have plenty of choices! 

Have a look through our shop to see if anything catches your eye – you could start simple with some fresh cod fillets, or be adventurous and try octopus! If you know you like cod and only want to slightly step out of your comfort zone, you could opt for pollock or hake. These fish are quite mild in flavour, similar to cod, and are perfect for fish and chips. Fish with a slightly stronger, ‘fishier’ flavour include mackerel, sardines and herring (sometimes known as a ‘kipper’). These fish are high in healthy omega-3 fats and are best enjoyed smoked or grilled.

Trying out shellfish is a great way to step slightly further out of your comfort zone, and there are so many delicious options to try. From scallops to lobster, check out our range of shellfish on our website. Crab is enjoyed by many, and there’s no need to worry about preparation with our brown meat, white meat, and dressed crab options. Alternatively, you can try preparing a whole crab from scratch – choose between a male or female crab (males have more claw meat). For a full shellfish selection, try our Deluxe Shellfish Hamper. You’ll receive:

  • 1x Cooked Lobster
  • 150g White Crab Meat
  • 6x Hand-Dived Scallops (RAW)
  • 2kg Fowey Mussels (RAW)
  • 500g Royal Greenland Prawns

Find your favourite recipes

Once you’ve decided which seafood you’d like to try, you’ll need to explore some recipes. Our favourite recipes can be found on our ‘Recipes’ page.

Lemon garlic scallops

Lemon garlic scallops are the perfect choice for anyone looking to try scallops for the first time (or a simple favourite for scallop-lovers!). They take just 15 minutes to prepare and cook, so you’ll be enjoying your fresh scallops in no time! The lemon butter sauce pairs perfectly with the scallops, this is definitely one to try. Find the full recipe here.

Beer-Battered Pollock Bites

Pollock is a lean source of protein, supplying a range of healthy nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, B vitamins and selenium. Some might say that pollock is the new cod. Give it the British treatment with a classic beer-battered recipe (mushy peas are optional!). Check out the full recipe here

Smoky Hake, Beans & Greens

This 25-minute recipe is ideal for those who love smoky flavours. This quick recipe combines hake, chorizo, cannellini beans and spinach to create a perfectly balanced meal. You can even pair it with garlic mayonnaise for added flavour. The full recipe can be found here.

Find your seafood supplier

Of course, you’ll need to have fresh, top-quality seafood to have the best experience possible. That’s where we come in! The Cornish Fish Co. sells some of the UK’s finest seafood, all sourced from small day boats, owned by local families in Cornwall. Fish landed in Looe is known for its incredible flavour, but don’t take our word for it, give it a try. We aim to deliver fish as fresh as possible, often catching and delivering your orders within 36 hours. 

Want to minimise your environmental impact? We’re committed to supporting sustainable fishing methods. This is why we source our seafood from a local fleet of fishing boats. Looe’s small port has a great reputation for high-quality fish and we aim to maintain this.

Ready to give some new seafood a try? Visit our online shop and have a browse through our fresh seafood. Don’t forget to check out our favourite recipes!

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