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Supplied directly from a small inshore fleet of day boats, operating from Looe & surrounding harbours. 

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The Cornish Fish Co.

About Us

Based in the heart of Looe Harbour, Cornish FishCo is a small, family run business owned by husband and wife team Sam and Laura Chapman. Fishing lies within the family, with both of Sam’s uncles being fisherman. One of Sam’s uncles still fishes today, alongside his cousins, often catching the fish you might find as part of your order.

At the age of 18, Sam started working on the fish quay as a harbour assistant, helping the boats land their catches. During this time Sam was drawn to the hustle and bustle of the busy fish quay, and began working for a local fish merchant, where he learnt the trade. Sam quickly gained a passion for buying and selling some of the UK’s finest fish, caught by small day boats, all of which are owned by local families. Fish landed in Looe is renowned all over the
country, after one taste we’re sure you’ll understand it’s reputation.

In 2016, Sam and Laura took the opportunity to take over Nippers Shellfish, which then turned into the Cornish FishCo, a business with a great reputation for producing Cornwall’s finest crab meat. Noticing an opportunity to expand they quickly started supplying Day Boat Cornish Fish to a range of restaurants.

Satya Doraisamy
Satya Doraisamy
I cannot rate Nippers Shellfish higher. Quick, easy and affordable delivery to London from Cornwall (usually everything arrives the day after the order). Everything is packaged perfectly so it can be easily stashed in the freezer if you do a bulk order. The premium cuts are also ideal as an occasional treat - while certainly not cheap (fresh fish never is), they are far more affordable (and nutritious) than your average takeaway/Deliveroo/Uber Eats.Lastly, it's great that Nippers works with local fishermen in Looe who would otherwise be squeezed if they had to land their catch elsewhere. It's a great outcome for them and means that customers get fresher fish.
mark collins
mark collins
Great communication and service many thanks Sam
Have had two of our monthly boxes and can't fault the quality and freshness. It's the perfect size for two. Has added some further diversity to our cooking and diet. Highly recommended.
David Wilson
David Wilson
Fantastic fresh fish
Richard Lowes
Richard Lowes
I have received my first order from Nippers - the large catch of the day box. It contained a wonderful selection of super-fresh fish. The box arrived around 24 following their email to say it was on its way. It was so well packaged that the ice pack inside the box remained partially frozen. Highly recommended.
Ywain Ap Rhys
Ywain Ap Rhys
Having previously ordered online, I was lucky to have the chance to collect my order directly from Nippers in Looe. Sam's enthusiasm for the product is infectious and it was great to see for ourselves the boat-to-box operation all happening within 3 metres from the quayside. We really look forward to the next delivery of Cornwall's freshest!
Dave Norris
Dave Norris
This is my second order and well please with what we have had so far. Scallops last time were great trying different fish this time see how it goes
Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson
Just received my first "Mystery Box" and I am blown away with the quality and size of the fillets it contains. A fantastic variety of top quality fish. Fantastic service and fish are second to none. Would not hesitate to recommend Nippers. WILL most definitely be ordering again soon as will several family members and friends....
Jane Goodyer
Jane Goodyer
Very good selection of the freshest fish. Good value. Highly recommend.

Our Process

Day Boats land their catch after a hard, long day at sea, typically between 6-11pm depending on the Tides.

We arrive to work at 5am, where we grade the catch, and carefully select the best fish for our orders.

Our expert filleters get to work preparing your fish, it is then Vacuum Packed, ensuring your fish stays as fresh as the day it was caught.

We pack your order, where it is collected by DPD, just 12-16 hours after it has been caught!

Your parcel arrives at your doorstep the next day, often under 36 hours old!

Here are some of our favourites

The Freshest Fish

Here at the Cornish Fish Co. we are committed to supporting the most sustainable fishing methods, which is why we depend on our local inshore fishing fleet to supply us with the highest quality products. 

Over the years Looe has earned itself an impeccable reputation for the fish landed in this small port, and we strive to maintain this.  

Fresh Fish and Shellfish Direct

We provide only the best standards of locally sourced seafood. 

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