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Our ‘Catch of the Day Box’ is our best-seller, and the perfect way to try our daily-catch seafood! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous this is a great option for you. Keep reading to find out more about our Catch of the Day Box. 

What is our daily-catch seafood?

Our Catch of the Day Box is the best way to explore new species of fish that you haven’t tried before. There are a range of sizes you can choose from, all at varying prices:

  • £35 box – 5x 300g packs of Fillet
  • £45 box – 6x 300g packs of Fillet, including a Prime Species.
  • £55 box – 7x 300g packs of Fillet, including 2 Prime Species
  • £150 box – The Ultimate Fish Lover’s Box – 10x 300g Packs of Prime Species, such as Turbot, Brill, Wild Bass, Lemon Sole, Dover Sole or Monk.

You might be wondering what species of fish you may find in your Catch of the Day Box. It’ll always be a surprise, not even we know what you’ll receive before we catch it! But here are some of the most common fish you’ll find…


Plaice is a popular flat fish which makes an excellent menu item as a fillet. You can easily recognise this fish by its distinctive orange spots. It has a delicate texture that can become almost creamy when prepared correctly. It cooks much quicker than most fish and is best suited to wet cooking methods such as boiling or breading. The flavour stands well on its own, therefore, is best served alongside other foods rather than as part of a combined dish.


Skates look similar to stingrays, however, they have shorter, thicker tails and no stinger. Skates are larger than rays, meaning there’s more flesh to work with. It has a flaky, crabmeat-like texture and a nutty flavour. Its flavour should be accentuated with flavours such as lemon, capers and white wine. 

John Dory

John Dory is a popular fish in the UK, as it is indigenous to the North Atlantic. It is a firm-textured fish with fine flakes and a slightly sweet flavour. Despite being low in fat, it has a very buttery mouthfeel. Its mild flavour is best accompanied by gentle seasoning and is often used for fish and chips.


Hake is similar to cod, however, it has a more pronounced, sweet flavour. It is white in colour and has a firm, meaty texture when cooked. Hake is popular in Spain, and we would recommend pairing it with typically Spanish flavours. This includes paprika, tomato, garlic and chorizo. 


Turbot is another incredible flatfish you might find in your Catch of the Day Box. It’s similar in flavour to halibut but slightly fishier. The flavour is sweet yet mild, standing well on its own with simple seasonings such as lemon and capers. Whether pan-fried or roasted, turbot is a family favourite!

How fresh is our daily-catch seafood?

The clue’s in the name – it’s caught daily and shipped to you within 36 hours! Day boats will land their catch between 6 and 11 pm, depending on the tides. Our team arrives at 5 am to grade the fresh fish, choosing the perfect selection for your order. Expert filleters prepare your fish, before vacuum packing it for maximum freshness. The orders are collected by DPD just 12-16 hours after being caught, before being delivered to your door. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

What other seafood boxes are available?

We have many options on our online shop, alongside our Catch of the Day Box. This includes our BBQ Fish boxes, perfect for the summer, or our ‘A Taste of Looe’ box. Our ‘A Taste of Looe’ box is a monthly subscription, guaranteeing you the best fresh fish, once a month for just £25!

What are you waiting for? Visit our online shop today to order our daily-catch seafood or explore our wide range of fresh seafood options. 

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