2x 200g Skate Wings

2x 200g Skate Wings



2x200g Skate Wings Fully prepared and pan ready, skinned and trimmed. Leaving nothing but a wide thin cartilage through the middle.


Please note, Due to the nature of our business, where we support a small, inshore fishing fleet, we are hugely dictated to by weather conditions. We as a business feel it is much more sustainable, and we are left with a much better product, if we have a back up stock of blast frozen fish. The fish is kept at -22 degrees and is frozen on the same day of production. Our boats are only at sea for 12-16 hours for the majority of the year, this gives us the chance to work with one the highest quality product in the UK. Meaning our frozen fish is better than the majority of fresh fish on todays markets.

2x 200g Skate Wings
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