Best Ways to Cook Red Gurnard – Red Gurnard on the Rise

Want to know why red gurnard’s popularity is rising in recent years? want to know what are the best ways to cook Red Gurnard? and also what are the secrets for its super health benefits, meaty texture, mild and sweet taste. Rather than discarded fish used as bait, it becomes a valuable choice for table […]

How to Cook Monkfish-Best and Easy Ways

Monkfish is a tasty and densely packed vitamin and mineral seafood. Its meaty texture, protein-rich meal, and mild,  sweet taste make it an excellent choice for seafood lovers. Plus, you can cook monkfish by various methods, either frying, grilling, or oven baked.  So, are you ready to enjoy monkfish with the flavour-enhancing white Burgundy wine? […]

To Haddock or not to Haddock

That is the question. When you’re looking into getting a nice bit of Cornish haddock fillet, you can’t go wrong with The Cornish Fish Co! But what lies behind the scrumptious fish which we all know and love? Let’s take a closer look at what haddock is, facts about the haddock and finally if we […]

How to pair wine with seafood

Our Catch of the Day Box is a great way to try out different types of seafood, all freshly delivered to your door. If you’re trying out a new species of fish, however, you might be wondering which wine is best paired with it. It’s common to pair wine with seafood, but it’s also commonly […]

The benefits of fish and shellfish for kids

Ordering our ‘A Taste Of Looe – Monthly Subscription Box’ can be a great way to try a variety of fresh seafood every month. Need to feed the kids as well? Both fish and shellfish are extremely beneficial for growing children, due to their health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of […]

Get hooked on seafood

Ready to enjoy some fresh seafood but not sure where to start? The Cornish Fish Co. is here to help! Keep reading to find out how to start exploring different seafood options, as well as some of our favourite recipes, including lemon garlic scallops and beer-battered pollock bites. Find your favourite seafood It’s a good […]

How to cook fresh mackerel

Mackerel are migratory fish and come to the UK in spring and summer, so now is a great time to buy fresh mackerel! They tend to prefer warmer waters, so the summer months, between June and October, are perfect. Are you looking to buy fresh mackerel? Look no further! At The Cornish Fish Co., we’ve […]

Loch Duart Salmon Fillets

Welcome to another blog instalment of The Cornish Fish Co, home of Cornwall’s best salmon. We have some of the freshest salmon in the area but there is one place that we’d like to highlight. However, have you ever heard of Loch Duart Salmon? We wanted to highlight what makes this specific type of salmon […]

Try our daily-catch seafood

Our ‘Catch of the Day Box’ is our best-seller, and the perfect way to try our daily-catch seafood! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous this is a great option for you. Keep reading to find out more about our Catch of the Day Box.  What is our daily-catch seafood? Our Catch of the Day Box is […]

Cuttlefish Or Calamari

Welcome to The Cornish Fish Co, one of the best places you can find frozen fish home delivery. Today we’re going to look at the difference between calamari & cuttlefish. Calamari is often confused with cuttlefish, mainly because they belong to the same family. In this blog, we aim to shed a bit of light […]

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