Loch Duart Salmon Fillets

Welcome to another blog instalment of The Cornish Fish Co, home of Cornwall’s best salmon. We have some of the freshest salmon in the area but there is one place that we’d like to highlight. However, have you ever heard of Loch Duart Salmon?

We wanted to highlight what makes this specific type of salmon so delicious and what Loch Duart is, what they do and why you should try some of their tasty salmon!

What is Loch Duart?

Loch Duart is located in the Northwest of Scotland. Farming some of the freshest salmon in the world, they’ve been farming in Sutherland since 1999. This is when the founders of Loch Duart started operations and they were from the beginning determined to prove that there was a better way to raise salmon, as close to the wild as possible, working with nature instead of against it. 

Built as a fishing station in the 1860s by the Duke of Sutherland, the salmon house at Badcall Bay is a lasting reminder of our coastal home’s enduring connection with salmon, as captured in this 1880 photo from pioneering photographer Ernest Beveridge.

Now the mainland headquarters for Loch Duart, we’ve continued this legacy by nurturing our Unrivalled Scottish salmon at these sites for over twenty years. This is where we get Cornwall’s best salmon.

Badcall Then
Badcall Now

Low-Impact Farming

Loch Duart aims to raise the best quality salmon with the lowest possible impact on the environment. They have partnered with feed supplier BioMar to provide their carbon footprint modelling. The total amount of emissions causing climate change (greenhouse gases) to produce one kilogram of farmed fish. Emissions are expressed as carbon dioxide equivalents per kilogram (CO2 eq/kg). The market-leading benchmark is 3.5kg and Loch Duart is hitting that 3.5kg with pride! BioMar is also aiding Loch Duart to design salmon feed which replicates the salmon’s diet as closely as possible to help optimise the salmon’s health.

Loch Duart is the first salmon farm in Scotland to introduce a low carbon emissions hybrid feed storage barge. The hybrid power system for the barge, combining battery and diesel power, will significantly reduce carbon emissions. The Barge will allow for efficient sea freight deliveries helping remove lorries from the roads. Lower loads on the generator mean less maintenance, prolonging the lifespan of the vessel and improving Loch Duart’s carbon footprint into the future.

Why Choose Loch Duart Salmon?

In the wild, salmon eat incredible amounts of fish, and Loch Duart keeps its feed as close to nature as possible. Loch Duart is unique in the industry, having a feed with more than 60% marine content, and without putting additional pressure on wild fisheries. The marine content in Loch Duart’s feed is composed almost entirely of processing by-products from an MSC-certified capelin fishery in Iceland that harvests the roe for export and typically discards the rest. 

From the freshwater hatchery fed on Highland streams, to grow-out in low-density marine pens, Loch Duart practices completely integrated production. As of 2019, broodstock is 100% Scottish genetic line.  Fish are raised an average of three months longer to mature slowly. All fish are ikejime harvested for peak quality,

Try Loch Duart Salmon In Cornwall

Interested in trying some of this truly spectacular salmon? Look no further! Besides us having Cornwall’s best salmon, we also support their low-impact fish farming, we also would like to say this is some of the best salmon you’ll ever have! Be sure to take a look at our website to get your Loch Duart Salmon Fillets ordered today!

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