Looking to order fresh crab for delivery?

If you’re looking for the best crab home delivery service, you’ve come to the right place! Here at The Cornish Fish Co., we offer a range of cooked crab products, all available for delivery. Keep reading to learn more about what we have in store!

Cooked crab

There are two types of whole-cooked crab you can order for home delivery from The Cornish Fish Co. – cock (male) or hen (female). There is no difference in taste between male and female crabs, however, male crabs do have larger claws. If you’re specifically after crab claw meat, we would recommend purchasing one of our ‘Cooked Cock Crabs’. Perhaps, if you’re feeding a larger party, male crabs would be the better option, at only a slightly higher price of £15, compared to our £11.50 ‘Cooked Hen Crabs’. 

Handpicked Cornish crab meat

We sell both white and brown cooked crab meat, expertly prepared for you to serve. Our crabs are steam-cooked, fresh from our local boats, in Looe, Cawsand, Fowey, Newquay and Padstow. We then hand-pick the best quality meat, so you don’t have to! This is the perfect option for those who want to save time on preparation but still want to serve the crab in their own way. 

Dressed crab

Unsure how to serve crab or want to save some time? Purchase our ‘Dressed Crab’ – at just £8.95 on our website, you’re saving time and money compared to purchasing an undressed crab. We’ll professionally prepare and serve the white and brown crab meat in the shell, ready to eat! 

How do you serve crab?

Want to try dressing a crab by yourself? Here are some steps you can take to prepare your crab. 

  1. First, remove the legs from your cooked crab by twisting them where they meet the body. The claws can be removed by pulling them away from the body. 
  1. Place the crab on its back and use the palm of your hand to press down. There will be a gap where the body meets the shell, place your fingers in this gap and pull upwards. You’ll likely have to use some force to pull the body away from the shell. 
  1. Discard the gills, also known as ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’. There should be ten of these. You should also drain any excess water.
  1. Use a spoon to scoop out the brown meat from the shell. Once you’ve done this, you can break away any hard edges from the shell to form a ‘bowl’. 
  1. Cut the main body in half using a sharp knife. Pull the white meat from the cavities using a skewer or your fingers.
  1. Break each claw in half. You can do this by using a heavy object such as a hammer or kitchen mallet. Do the same to the legs.
  1. Discard the cartilage from the claws, and carefully remove any white meat. You can use a teaspoon or your fingers to do this. 
  1. Check the crab meat for any stray pieces of shell. Mash the brown meat with a fork, and gently break up the white meat with your fingers.
  1. Place the white meat into the crab shell, topped with the brown meat.
  1. Serve with mayonnaise, bread, and whichever garnish you like (we recommend lemon and parsley). 

There you have it! Freshly dressed crab. Of course, if you don’t fancy doing it yourself, there’s always our ‘Dressed Crab’ home delivery option on our website.

Choose us as your crab home delivery service 

Choose The Cornish Fish Co. as your crab home delivery service. Why? We’ll tell you why! We offer the finest fresh seafood and freshly prepared crab. Whether you’re looking for whole cooked crab, prepared crab meat, or dressed crab, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t forget, we also offer other seafood products – feel free to check them out on our online shop. We have options to purchase fish, smoked fish, squid, prawns, scallops, mussels and crab home delivery.

If you have any questions about our delivery services, get in touch with our team by giving us a call on 01503 265566 or visiting our contact page

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